List Your Home With A Discount Realtor On Your Local MLS

This headline probably makes you ask yourself 2 questions……What’s a Discount Realtor? And what’s a local MLS?

A Discount Realtor is a Realtor (like me) who can offer you a HUGE discount over all the high commission Realtors you are familiar with in your area. I am a licensed Realtor just like any other Realtor out there. Because the law now says that all real estate brokers in every state can offer their services to you at a discount, this is what I am doing. I’ve made the decision to slash my prices so that I can obtain more business for myself. And, in the process, you are able to save a TON of money by selecting me as your Realtor. Your classic WIN-WIN transaction.

As for question 2, what is a local MLS? It’s a website where Realtors share the properties they’ve listed with other Realtors so that YOUR property can be shown to these other Realtors and their most SERIOUS buyers. PLUS, your property information is also sent to (where ANYONE can search properties from their home or mobile devices that are listed on MLSes across America).

You probably know that property owners for decades have listed with For Sale By Owner companies in order to avoid paying high commissions to Realtors. However, these For Sale By Owner sites don’t expose you to anywhere NEAR the buyers that you can reach with a Discount Realtor on the MLS (studies show that nearly 85% of ALL home sales result from being listed on the MLS). For approximately the same price as these For Sale By Owner companies, I can advertise you on the MLS and ALSO help you with all contracts and negotiations (just like any other Realtor – but for a FRACTION of what other Realtors will charge you). And if you ONLY want me to place you on the MLS and NOT help you with contracts or negotiations, then we can do this for you for about HALF of what many For Sale By Owner companies will charge you to place you on THEIR site (which is also LESS likely to find you a buyer than the MLS). Lastly, please note that we can upload your properties onto the MLS ANYWHERE they are located in WI.

So, allow me to summarize………You can pay a Realtor (me) LESS than you would pay a For Sale By Owner company AND we’ll give you a much better chance of finding a buyer faster…….OR, you can pay a high commission to another Realtor in your area to list your property on the same MLS where I will ALSO show your property. Given these choices, we hope you’ll choose us. Hundreds of other VERY happy Wisconsinites have already done so.

Please view my Video FAQ to the right, It should answer some more of your questions and it will also allow you to judge my sincere efforts to help you save money (we are trusted members of the Better Business Bureau). And as always, feel free to give us a call.

Mark Rotherham
Quorum Realty Broker/Owner


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