Your Pricing Options

More than we’d like, homeowners say to us, “If this doesn’t work with you, we might have to sign up with a Realtor in a couple months.” This leaves me with the task of very politely saying, “You already ARE listed with a Realtor. I’M a Realtor. And if you will read the example in the link below, you’ll see why switching to another Realtor near your property may cost you a LOT of money.” Remember, we will help you with your 2 most important needs (in the EXACT SAME WAY that your local Realtor would do)...we list you on your local Realtors MLS and we help you with your buyer. But for a LOT less money.

MLS Advertising: $399
  • 25 color photos on your local MLS
  • 6 month listing on MLS and with up to 400 character description (depending on MLS)
  • Listed on any web site where the MLS is carried
  • All necessary paperwork supplied for listing your property

* If you are an MLS Advertising customer and want help with a buyer's offer, please view A La Carte options.

MLS Advertising Plus Closing Assistance: $599 $699

Includes everything in MLS Advertising, plus:

  • Present to the seller(s) any offers that are procured by cooperating brokers or buyers not working with a Realtor
  • Present to the seller(s) all specifics of the offers to purchase
  • Negotiate with the buyer or buyer's Realtor on the seller's behalf, ending with the sale of the their property (counter offers)
  • Schedule and coordinate closing, order title insurance, coordinate with inspectors on the sellers behalf (seller will be responsible for sellers closing fees)
  • Hold Earnest money, if necessary

* This includes as many offers as it takes until 1 of them has a successful closing, as long as you remain listed with us.

A La Carte Services
  • Local MLS Listing only $299
  • Add an additional MLS $300
  • Listing Paperwork Assistance $99
  • Photo Upgrade $50 (Add up to 25 photos)
  • Broker Price Opinion $80
  • MLS Renewal for 6 months $329
  • Buyer's Closing Assistance $399
  • Seller's Closing Assistance $399


One Property Listing $350
(If you are listing more than one property with us, please call for special discounts!)